Visitor & Event Analytics

Visitor & Event Analytics

Visitor & Event Analytics provides insights on the visitors to a specific event or location, within a certain period, right within the portal. Enrich your understanding with origin and profile characteristics to continually optimise your marketing and business needs.

In certain occasions you may wish to further optimise the range in which visitors are detected. Additional technology is now available to allow for more precise profiling. Simply contact our sales team for more information.

  • How many people visit an area
  • Origin and profile of visitors
  • Duration and frequency of stay

Define the report parameters that best fit your needs

In 3 easy steps you select a specific area or location, you choose the relevant period (up to 3 months prior) and the level of detail by which visitor profiles should be analysed.

Data stories and insights for all business needs

The report will provide you with a ready to use high level summary, more expert detail and many options to drill further down into the insights. From data novice to data scientist, the insights are useful to all.

Analyse the visitor data in more detail online

You will know the number of visitors, their origin and their behaviour and may drill down into each group and their evolution over time. How powerful will it be to analyse and optimise the effectiveness of your campaign efforts.

Use the filters to zoom in on period, origin or profile

It is easy to make a selection of certain hours or days in a period, a specific origin or only visitors who do not stay overnight will allow you to better understand each sub-group or potential opportunity.

Analyse the delta within and over reports

By exploring the differences in unique visitors per origin and profile for selected periods or locations, you may finetune your insights, like trying to find the best place to open a store. This information is at your fingertips.

Download the datasets for further data analysis

We want to make it easy for you to combine our Location Insights with your own data so you can further improve your insights.

We like to take the time to prepare a proposal tailored to your business, free and without obligation.

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