Proximus fully respects the privacy of its customers and of your existing and potential customers. All data in the reports are anonymized and aggregated. We only draw up reports if there are at least 30 people active in a region.

However, your report is still representative. Although Proximus only tallies its own customers, your report still applies to the entire region. We extrapolate our figures taking into account the activity level of observed users, the Proximus market share, the GSM penetration rate, and the number of inhabitants in Belgium.

More information regarding the use of anonymous data for reporting services:           

Location data is being used more and more (by tourist services, mobility managers in towns and municipalities, etc.) for reporting on, for example, the number of people that are present in a given place at a given time.

Each activity of a mobile phone on Proximus' mobile telecom network generates network location data. This location data makes it possible to determine which antenna towers your mobile phone is connected to, but unlike GPS data, the data is not precise. It doesn't tell you, for example, whether a particular person has gone to a particular restaurant or to a shop or bakery.

Proximus can use this location data to create location reports. In doing so, Proximus of course takes the necessary measures to respect your privacy.

Only data, rendered anonymous, are used to draw up the reports. Moreover, the reporting only contains grouped data, so the recipients of these reports have no way of extracting information about individual customers. Where certain reports relate to smaller groups, additional measures are taken to prevent any possible identification.

Proximus does not sell individual location data; the anonymous location data remains within the company. Proximus only sells reports which give information on how many people were present at a specific time in a specific place (at least to the postal code or event level), in order to provide information about visitor, event, and movement analysis.