What do you know about the Book Fair thanks to MyAnalytics?

by One magazine

Who exactly were these visitors and where did most people come from?

65,000 titles for sale, 2,000 signing sessions, 300 readings and 150,000 visitors. The 80th Antwerp Book Fair was a success. But who exactly were these visitors and which provinces and municipalities did most people come from?

Monday, 31 October 2016, a long weekend and the first day of the Book Fair. To find out who visited the event at Antwerp Expo, a report was prepared via MyAnalytics from Proximus. To work out who visited the Book Fair that day, the two mobile coverage areas in which Antwerp Expo lies were selected and analyzed.  

Six insights into visitors to the Book Fair on 31/10/2016 

  1. On 31 October, a total of 61,300 unique visitors were detected in the two coverage areas selected. This figure includes the people who live in these coverage areas and traffic in the neighbourhood, not necessarily the number of people who visited the Book Fair. 
  2. After filtering out day visitors, it appears that 10,300 unique visitors remained in the two selected areas for more than one hour. It is assumed that this corresponds to the number of visitors to the Book Fair that day. 
  3. The majority of the visitors came from the following provinces:
    1. Antwerp (2,050 visitors)
    2. East Flanders (1,850 visitors)
    3. Flemish Brabant (1,230 visitors)
    4. West Flanders (1,140 visitors)
    5. Limburg (637 visitors)
    6. Brussels (124 visitors)
  4. 126 visitors came from the Netherlands.    
  5. There is a clear trend in visitors between 10.00 am and 6.00 pm, the Book Fair opening hours. The visitors from the Netherlands, too, were all present precisely between 10.00 am and 6.00 pm.    
  6. Top 3 of the best represented towns/cities and municipalities:
    1. Wilrijk: 475 visitors
    2. Berchem: 338 visitors
    3. Hoboken: 203 visitors

How does MyAnalytics work? 

MyAnalytics is a self–service portal that can be used to create your own Analytics reports. The analyses are based on anonymous and aggregated mobile network data from Proximus, admittedly extrapolated so that the the entire population is very faithfully approximated. Reports cannot be drawn up if fewer than 30 people are located. 

Are you, too, curious to find out who visits your event or walks past your shop?

  1. Go to
  2. Register on the MyAnalytics page
  3. Prepare a report in three simple steps.

Your report is ready within 48 hours and will give you a host of new insights. Furthermore, you will shortly be able to map out movements in the coverage areas or watch flows of people in real time. 


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