Create your own data report with Proximus Analytics

by One magazine

Improve the insight in your customers or visitors

How can you find out if your store is well situated? Where do the visitors to your event come from? Which nationalities are your customers? All too often we don’t have the precise figures. And yet a false estimate can have serious consequences. On the other hand, extrapolated figures and statistics can give lots of benefits: a clearer idea of your customers or visitors allows you to make better strategic decisions.

From tourism to government

Location data are of great interest to a lot of sectors – tourism and retailers, for instance, but the advertising world, real-estate agencies, events firms and public authorities too. This is why, in May 2016, Proximus launched Proximus Analytics, a user-friendly self-service portal that allows you to quickly and easily create a report yourself, at an attractive price. They enable users to make informed decisions on the right location for a company, a restaurant or a residential building project, because you can find out how many people go to a certain place. 

What is the commuter traffic like and what journeys do people make in their free time? Where do the passers-by in a particular area live and work? How many people visit your event or your district? Where do they come from, which access routes do they use and where do they stay overnight? All these are crucial questions that help you formulate or adjust your strategy.

In practice

One good example is that of Walloon Brabant, where they use Journey Analytics to map out the traffic. This enables the policy makers to better organize traffic in the province. Westtoer and recently undertook a pilot project with Proximus Analytics to find out the number and origin of tourists in the region. Westtoer wanted to estimate how many day-trippers visit the coast. Toerisme Vlaanderen used Event Analytics to find out which districts those who attended the commemorations of the First World War came from. were able to count the number of national and international visitors at around 10 top tourist locations in Brussels, such as the Grand-Place and the Atomium, without including non tourist traffic, i.e. residents and people who work in Brussels. What’s more, found out the average duration of visits to each location and where the visitors spent the night.

Self-service portal

Of course, it has been possible to collect customer data and manually compile reports for a long time, but this is often tedious, time-consuming or too expensive. At the moment, users can benefit from ‘freemium,' which lets them prepare reports for free until September. The new portal includes various options: Visitor Analytics to analyze visitors to a given location, Event Analytics to analyse visitor numbers and profiles at events, and toward the end of 2016 we will be adding Journey Analytics to analyze journeys.

Privacy guaranteed

The data on locations and their visitors come from the mobile and smartphone traffic on the Proximus network. Big data analyses are carried out only when there is a user group of at least 50 people. The data are anonymous, of course, and no individual information is used, so the privacy of your customers or visitors is always protected.

Creating a report in six stages

  1. Go to the MyAnalytics application and register
  2. Enter the location, the required period and the visitor profile
  3. Confirm the configuration and click on Order
  4. You will receive an e-mail confirming your order
  5. Within 24 hours, you will receive a second e-mail to say that your report is ready
  6. Go to your personal MyAnalytics environment, where you will find your report

Business benefits

  • New insights into your customers and their behavior
  • Fast, objective and accurate data collection
  • More efficient promotion and improved service provision
  • User-friendly portal for affordable reports



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