Small Data – The Tiny Clues that Uncover Huge trends

by One magazine

Martin Lindstrom is a world-renowned marketer who has already written six bestsellers on the mechanisms that drive consumers to buy. His best-known works are ‘Buyology’, ‘BrandSense’ and ‘Brandwashed’. The Dane is a popular guest on the speakers’ circuit and writes columns for, among others, ‘Time Magazine’ and the ‘Harvard Business Review’.

What is it about?

Big data is one of the main business trends. Companies and marketers intend to disentangle gigantic quantities of data in search of the newest hype and fashions. But what if big data is missing the ball and the real signs of new trends are there for the taking? Martin Lindstrom reassesses the importance of small data: a discussion with a customer, a simple observation. The smallest hint can lead to a big insight for your business.

Why should you read it?

‘Small Data’ is a highly amusing succession of unexpected consumer insights. Lindstrom has collected them from around the world: how did a worn-out sneaker make Lego a global brand again? How did one toy bear help transform 1,000 stores of a fashion chain? And what influence did a Russian refrigerator magnet have on an American supermarket chain? In small, personal details he reveals the seeds of new trends that can have an enormous impact on businesses.

About the book

In this book, Martin Lindstrom is a sort of modern Sherlock Holmes who goes nosing around in the kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms of consumers on behalf of major brands. With his investigations he helps his clients launch a new product or studies why a certain brand has fallen out of favor. Who would have thought that many people buy a robot vacuum cleaner in the first few months after a pet has died? Lindstrom’s work lies at the crossroads of marketing, anthropology and ethnography, and offers a remarkable look into how ordinary people relate to brands and products.

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