Experience the Proximus MyAnalytics portal with our demo report

by Proximus Analytics

Discover which products may help you with your decisions

Demo report Brussels centre  - 15 & 16 oct. 

We have made for you this demo report so that you may experience yourself the MyAnalytics portal and evaluate which products may be relevant for you. Discover the demo report here. 

  • Scroll through this Event and Visitors Analytics report to learn how many unique visitors were counted in the selected area and period and discover where visitors came from and how they are categorized. Use the filters in the header to zoom into a specific time period or to select visitors based on place of origin or profile.
  • The reported numbers are approximations. Values below ±30 unique visitors are not reported for privacy reasons.

With our location insights products based on anonymised mobile network data we may enrich your more traditional market research. Experience here the demo report!

Within Proximus we are specialised in big data and location insights. We strive to create value for different organizations by providing location insights products, near real-time location based services and custom services. 

Proximus Analytics, Big Data & Location Insights Team