Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

As a local, regional or national government or a mobility organisation, you often lack information on people journeys or movements. This information is essential though for improving the traffic flow of citizens and visitors to/from and within your city or region.

As a commercial company concerned with Transportation & Logistics, you want to plan as much as possible your itineraries around major congestions points and optimise delivery routes. With location and other data insights you may learn from the past and plan better for the future. With our real-time location data feeds you can start managing the situation dynamically.

Our Location Insight solutions help you answer:

  • What is the origin and destination of journeys to as well as from a particular area or city?
  • What causes congestion in which period of time and why?
  • How can we monitor real-time people movements & traffic flows to react quickly to any challenges?
  • Where and on what activities should I focus in order to improve my traffic management?
  • What are the best itineraries for transporting my goods from A to B or for multiple deliveries in a certain region?

Discover our solutions for this industry

Journey Analytics

Collect additional information on trajectories of people in, through or around your area of interest.

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Mobility Analytics

Understand traffic flows by using the power of connected vehicles for monitoring traffic 24/7.

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Crowd Management

Collect aggregated real–time information on national and international crowds within any area of Belgium.

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