Today, as a tourism organisation you do not have a lot of information about visitor origin and profile. It’s equally hard to know when and how many people visit a tourist attraction, specific city area or any other area of interest. Current research methods are cumbersome and cover only a small sample, while available information, such as overnight stays at hotels, or number of entries at different attractions, is limited and may only be available long after the facts.

Our Location Insight solutions help you answer:

  • Where do tourists come from, which areas are they visiting and how long are they staying?
  • How do people move to/from and around the city, where are the challenges and how may we improve accessibility?
  • What is the effect of my promotional efforts? How can I be more targeted with my promotional activity?

Discover our solutions for this industry

Visitor & Event Analytics

Collect aggregated information on any type of visitor to an area, whether they be event attendees, shoppers or tourists.

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Journey Analytics

Collect additional information on trajectories of people in, through or around your area of interest.

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