Smart Cities

Smart Cities

As a local, regional or national government, you need to support the interest of a wide variety of stakeholders to make cities or regions more successful. You want to get insight in the amount of visitors to events, tourist attractions or shopping areas so that parking availability, opening hours and retail offerings can be optimised. By understanding the movement of people you are able to solve mobility issues and ensure that everyone feels safe during events or in public areas.  

  • Where do current visitors come from, how long are they staying and how can we support event & tourism organisations in attracting more visitors?
  • How do people move to/from and around the city, where are the challenges and how may we improve accessibility?
  • What is the catchment area for retailers and how can we support vibrant local commerce in the city centre?
  • How can we monitor (larger) people movements and ensure that visitors and citizens can feel safe in my city or region?
  • How can I substantiate the economic value of my visitors to attract event sponsors & other investors?

Discover our solutions for this industry

Visitor & Event Analytics

Collect aggregated information on any type of visitor to an area, whether they be event attendees, shoppers or tourists.

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Journey Analytics

Collect additional information on trajectories of people in, through or around your area of interest.

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Mobility Analytics

Understand traffic flows by using the power of connected vehicles for monitoring traffic 24/7.

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Crowd Management

Collect aggregated real–time information on national and international crowds within any area of Belgium.

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