As security forces you are faced with multiple challenges in today’s dynamic world. Crowds are often expected and security risks may be evaluated and addressed in advance. With insights in people movements at past happenings you can better anticipate security measures at upcoming events. But insight is not enough. Crowds and security challenges may arise quickly or unexpectedly with the help of social or other media.

An affordable real-time solution to follow and control crowds and ensure the safety of people will be of great help.

  • How can we monitor real-time people movements & traffic flows to react quickly to any unexpected challenges?
  • What is the origin and destination of journeys to & from a particular area or city?
  • How does the crowd at any specific event build up & dissolve during different time intervals?

Discover our solutions for this industry

Journey Analytics

Collect additional information on trajectories of people in, through or around your area of interest.

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Mobility Analytics

Understand traffic flows by using the power of connected vehicles for monitoring traffic 24/7.

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Crowd Management

Collect aggregated real–time information on national and international crowds within any area of Belgium.

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