As a retailer, understanding more about both your existing and potential customers is vital in order to make better decisions and build growth within a competitive market.

Location insights will provide a deeper understanding of people movements and behaviour in and around your store or existing promotional areas. These richer insights will allow you to make more informed decisions on future business activities, whether that be an optimised shopping experience for your customers, a new OOH campaign or a new store location.

The interactive and easy-to-understand reports from Proximus MyAnalytics provide you with insights that help make better business decisions:

  • What is the origin and behaviour of people passing by my shop, POS or OOH advertising location?
  • What happens in my shop - what is the profile of my shop visitors and how can I improve their experience?
  • What is the effect of my promotional efforts? How can I be more targeted with my promotional activity?
  • Which new store location will attract the largest or the right audience for my brand?
  • What are my optimal opening hours to attract most business?
  • What rental fee should I pay or ask for this location?

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