Scope & limitation of the portal

Our analytics solution includes the total Belgian population and all International visitors in Belgium. Because Proximus cannot monitor other operator customers, we use algorithms and an extrapolation model to complete what we can see on our network (we approximately have a 40% market share, ensuring a trustworthy base).

Yes, we detect foreign visitors who use our mobile network. We estimate the foreign visitors who don’t use our network by using algorithms. thanks to Proximus 40% market share.

No, we report on country level for foreign visitors.

For now, our reports our based on our cellular network. This measurement level is not accurate enough to report on street or shop level. But, the future brings some nice evolutions.

We can. We call this solution Journey Analytics, where we report on aggregated journeys between two or more staying points.

Yes, our reports contain information on the number of unique visitors and the number of visits.

We can do this, but only if we see more than 30 people from a particular country. This aggregation by group of 30 people is used to ensure privacy.

On the portal, we offer a history of at least 3 months. Should you need to go back further in time, please contact us.

No we can’t as we anonymise the user information and we don’t use individual data.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions