Visitor & Event Analytics

Collect aggregated information on any type of visitor to an area, whether they be event attendees, shoppers or tourists.

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Journey Analytics

Collect additional information on trajectories of people in, through or around your area of interest.

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Mobility Analytics

Understand traffic flows by using the power of connected vehicles for monitoring traffic 24/7.

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Crowd Management

Collect aggregated real–time information on national and international crowds within any area of Belgium.

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We help companies, governments and organisations to understand people flows, movements & attendance so they may attract more business & improve their service delivery.


Improve your insight into the people movements around and by your store or mall, where they come from and detect new potential customers. Evaluate promotional efforts or the location of your next store with location insights. Learn more


Gain further insight in your event participants, where they come from, the time and duration of their presence and their behaviour. Improve your next edition with more visitors and a better organisation. Learn more


Better understand your tourist origin, profile and behaviour. Improve the targeting of your promotions to attract new visitors and adapt your services. Discover how location insights will bring you to the next level. Learn more

Smart Cities

Attract more visitors, improve the traffic in your city and increase security . Discover how location insights and real time data will help you. Learn more

Transport & Logistics

Understand people journeys and traffic flows to improve access and solve mobility issues. Get location insight to propose new developments and follow traffic real-time to support day-to-day challenges. Learn more


Follow real-time larger people movements and control crowds during events, festivities, demonstrations but also during a regular Saturday in a busy city centre. Plan ahead with location insights. Learn more

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